Suvi Baby rope baskets represent carefully crafted handmade products in small quantities. Each product is unique in its own way and will distinguish itself between others.

All items are made with 100% weeping cotton cord, made in the United States and Polyneon thread.


The rope combined with the thread gives each item strength, durability and shine. The zig zag stich adds a uniform pattern and structure to it which adds color to the natural rope.


The baskets, bowls and buckets are versatile in their use. From the smallest to collect coins or jewelry, to the medium size for craft projects or presenting dry foods, to the largest that can hold books, magazines or blankets. An endless use can be found that will add softness to surfaces that need extra protection and style to any room.

They don’t break when dropped to the ground. Perfect for storing items when on the road in an RV or by boat on the sea.


The designer and architect, Christiane Johnson stands behind the product design and production. She works in her own studio at home in Washington State, where she lives with her husband and two young daughters.

 I’m constantly designing or making things with my hands. The one thing I have never done and always wanted is making is pottery. I don't know why but I'm behind a sewing machine since I'm 12 years old.

Then I started to explore the medium rope.
From shapes round to oval, steep sides to wide and shallow. Natural color rope or dying it in every shade and hue possible. I am using my sewing knowledge and engineering background (I'm actually a licensed architect) with my German persistence and making bowls, baskets, buckets and purses.

If I only had enough rope and time what could I do…
Now I am using an industrial sewing machine with a speed of a race car and strengths of a truck to create my soft, flexible fiber art that is strong and stiff enough to hold all kind of imaginable goods. Who needs a pottery class




Suvi baby is now in its third year and going strong. After approximate 50,000 feet of rope sewn and being part of curated craft shows the product is well received, often mislead for pottery from the distance.


Suvi means spring/summer in the Finnish language and the business was started when she had their second child.


These elegant creations make great gifts for birthdays, weddings, housewarmings, Christmas as well as for your own home. You will find yourself wanting more as many repeating customers.